The difference between selling lots of fine jewelry and not making enough sales is how well you present your jewelry displays. An inappropriate jewelry display case for your type of jewelry could result in the loss of your jewelry.

Ideal jewelry displays should be designed so that maximum light can pass through them, giving potential customers a clear view of your most intricate pieces.

There are many jewelry display options that you can use in your wholesale or retail store. Retail store fixtures are one way to display jewelry. They can be used to display necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches, as well as brooches.

Glass jewelry displays are fixtures that retail stores use to display their products. They have sliding doors with locks for customer protection. You can position your most precious pieces in a jewelry display case with smooth casters.

You probably know that presentation is half the battle when it comes to selling gold, silver, and platinum jewelry with gemstones.

Your jewelry will shine if it is well presented and placed on navy blue or black velvet. Customers can see for themselves what jewelry looks like by placing large mirrors above their jewelry display cases.

There are many types of jewelry platforms, pedestals, jewelry platform displays, jewelry display trays and watch displays for you to choose from.

Jewelers may offer stands or easels for earrings, pendants or necklaces. They also have double magnetic trays that can be inserted with your jewelry.

You have many options to optimize the appearance of your jewelry when you display it.

Apart from modern jewelry displays, you can also find traditional displays such as those with square bases, tabletop stands and waterfall display cases.

How to choose the right jewelry display case for your store? If you don't have a lot of space, a retail store or wholesale store will need to use shelf-style glass display cases options.

This will allow you to display your most beautiful pieces in a limited space. You can also have endless aisles for tabletop jewelry displays to maximize the appeal of your large jewelry collection to your customers.

A well-lit arrangement of tabletop display cases will highlight the details of your different collections. You can collect them in one box and all the finest jewelry in another.

When grouping parts, it is important to consider the country of origin and classify them by type. You could have all the fourteen and eighteen carat gold coins from Italy in one case, and all the gold from Saudi Arabia and China in another.

Your customers will be able to view the collection in clean display cases that maximize your store's lighting.